Arokiya online store is a mobile app shopping experience for the extended Asian community. WE are a social enterprise with our emphasis on helping people from diverse Asian cultures to get their basic cultural food needs met by providing a simple and easy App to order food from the comforts of their finger tips.

With over 3 million Asians living across Britain and from diverse Asian nations from as far flung as Japan in the Far-East to Lebanon in the Middle-East, it is a mosaic of cultures and medley of cuisines that has made Britain home to over 160 languages.

Our flagship App is ‘ArokiyaApp”, this is freely available for any one living in UK mainland to use it for door delivery of the products.

ArokiyaApp has been developed by Arokiya Online Ltd. And this is a platform from which we aim to display over 7000 products across verticals in the Asian grocery, fresh vegetables and fruits industries. Our main stay is the South Asian community and to start from the bottom up we have chosen the Sri Lankan and South Indian community needs.